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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whose Damn Government Is It, Anyway?

In my life of 54 years I have vague, nearly formless memories of a time when Americans actually thought the Federal government was ours. I didn't say it actually was ours, just we thought so. I don't believe anybody who stopped to think believed there wasn't a real advantage to being wealthy and powerful, they just believed they had a part in it. Well, apparently BushCo didn't think their advantages were sufficient. Nope, wealth, power, media access, and the contest of ideas was nowhere near sufficient, they had to use the mechanisms of governance.

Think Progress noted in this article that the GSA head Lurita Doan has been recommended for firing by the Office of Special Counsel and they are beginning investigations of nearly 20 other agencies. The White House has admitted nearly 20 other agencies received the Power Point presentation by Karl Rove's office. The Hatch Act of 1939 prohibits partisan activities or electoral activities on federal property, it really is pretty darn clear, but Ken Mehlman had this to say in 2005,

"One of the things that can happen in Washington when you work in an agency is that you forget who sent you there. And it’s important to remind people that you’re George Bush people. … If there’s one empire I want built, it’s the George Bush empire." [One Party Country, p. 102]

Oddly enough the Constitution starts out "We the People..." not we the Party in office... Now you can do what you want with this proposition, but I'm here to tell you that we the people out number these plutocratic rats and they serve at OUR pleasure. You've got your mouth, pen/keyboard, your vote and maybe you're awake. You can help take this back, you can help make this work. We need to do it this way, understand we all have those things and some of us also have the reset button - the MAD - mutually assured destruction option reserved in the Second Amendment. The wake up, pay attention, take part option is vastly preferable. I don't even care what political party or none you belong to, this mess exists because we've tolerated it.

Ron's bio notes that I'm an active Democrat, I am that, I'm also not your poster-boy Democrat, I reserve the right to think for myself and disagree sometimes. I also work within the Party to try to get my view known and respected and even reflected - because I won't be kicked around quietly and I want a country that is good for its citizens. How about you?

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