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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Surge as a snooze button

Bush cultist site Austin Bay Blog has a post on the two clocks in Iraq - as we have heard before there is the Iraqi clock and the US political clock. Now many if not most realize the US political clock is going to run out first. Of course the Bush cultists blame the US political clock for the defeat instead of the flaming incompetence of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld which has made the occupation of Iraq last longer than WW I, WW II and Korea.

One of the commenters points out that the clock has already run out.

They are not going to succeed. The reason that the other clocks are seen as speeding up is the now widely held perception that Iraq is a hopeless case. And not just Iraq — the WHOLE ARAB MIDDLE EAST is viewed in that light. More and more people just don’t think they are worth any effort at all. Plan “A” has failed. The difficulty is that there is no Plan “B”. Just a future Plan ‘Z’ which looms like Banquo’s Ghost over the whole debate. Never to be mentioned in polite company until one day there is is in all its starkness.

The clocks are not counting down to a set date. The alarm has already gone off and now all that is happening is that everyone has hit the ’snooze’ button’ just to delay the inevitable.
Not change the inevitable; just delay it for a ’seemly’ period.

Of course that "'seemly' period" would be until January 2009 when the next president takes over.

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