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Friday, June 29, 2007

More on Obama

There have been some great comments to my post over at The Gun Toting Liberal on Barack Obama's comment that Impeachment is not acceptable. If you missed it yesterday check it out and if you did read it go take a look at the comments.

Steve Soto also weighs in this morning with a great post.
Five more died yesterday in Obama’s unimpeachable war, a war whose deadliest days were the last 90.


I said in a post several years ago that there are hazards in rushing past accountability to the high ground of Liebermanesque bipartisanship or even nonpartisanship. Transgressions are papered over, wrongs are not undone, and the perpetrators and those they serve see that they can get away with it and maintain the benefits of their misdeeds while those who suffered are plowed under as collateral damage.

They also see that a political party and its leaders have no stomach to stop them the next time.
It took forty years for a repeat of Nixonian politics because Nixon and his crew of felons were held accountable. If the Bush/Cheney cabal is not held accountable the felonies of the last six and a half years will become politics as usual.

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