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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Light Of Day

As of this writing the first two installments of the WAPO's piece on Cheney are out(Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power and Cheney on Presidential Power). There are no real surprises - nothing that many of us didn't suspect long ago. As usual Digby sums it up well.
This is exactly the kind of manipulation that is made possible by a weak and stupid president. Reagan was not particularly bright, but he gathered people around him who were not insane, had known him forever and shared his goals. Bush is a child whose agenda was whatever the last person he spoke with told him it was.

I know that I sound like a character in an Oliver Stone movie, ("one pristine bullet? That dog don't hunt!" ) but I have never been sanguine about the fact that all the big money boyz and all the power brokers in the GOP traipsed down to Austin to meet that grinning moron and came away thinking he was the right choice to run the most powerful nation on earth. It makes far more sense to me that they wanted to install Cheney from the beginning (remember the energy task force?) and they needed an empty suit with a winning personality to actually run for the office. Maybe it really was a quiet coup, who knows?
"They wanted to install Cheney from the beginning". The they of course includes Cheney himself who when asked to help pick a VP picked himself. Bush himself come across as someone who is even more dimwitted than I thought as does his friend Gonzo.

The thing that really struck me about the Post series was the timing. It came days after the revelation that Cheney thought of himself as an independent branch of government. Outside the folks at the Weekly Standard, who are just as insane as Cheney, this power grab had few supporters. The Post series is well written and was not done in a couple of days. Had it been in the works for a long time or been on the shelf?

Cheney's foolish power grab has had the unintended consequence of opening a curtain on that "secret bunker" - shinning the light of day on the evil and insane activities of Dick Cheney. The last thing on earth he wanted. Will the Lord of Darkness be able to crawl back under that rock for another 18 months. If not the last few days will prove to be a blessing. Let the sun continue to shine on Dick Cheney's activities for the next eighteen months and perhaps some of the evil he had planned for the world can be avoided.

More on Dick Cheney can be found here.

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