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Thursday, June 07, 2007

G-8, protests and surprises

The G-8 conference, a collection of national leaders who want to return the world to a feudal society, is getting very little press or blogosphere attention here in the US. Nothing on the protests that have been peaceful but effective. This from Der Spiegel International.
G-8 Protesters Gear Up for Day Two of Blockades
Organizers of the protests are euphoric over their success in blockading roads leading to the G-8 summit in Heiligendamm. Many demonstrators stayed the entire night at the barricades while others rallied in front of the fence surrounding the summit venue. And they're not planning on leaving.

It was a long night just outside the fence surrounding the G-8 summit at Heiligendamm. But for the demonstrators manning the blockades on the streets leading to the meeting venue, it was a night of pleasant euphoria.

After a Wednesday spent dodging police during their trudge through fields and forests on their mission to block access roads as close to the summit as possible, hundreds spent the night at the two successfully established barricades not removed by the police. And on Thursday, with reinforcements on the way, planners said they don't plan to leave anytime soon.

"We are staying at the places where we are," a visibly exhausted Christoph Kleine, one of the organizers behind the "Block G-8" group which masterminded Wednesday's blockade strategy, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. Kleine himself spent much of the night near the race track near one of the gates leading into the fenced-off area. "We do not intend to try and improve on our success from yesterday. We will continue doing what we are doing. It has been a tremendous victory and nobody can take that away from us."

Despite police statements to the contrary, it is difficult to dispute Kleine's assessment of Wednesday's events. Scenes of thousands of demonstrators streaming across the landscape near Germany's Baltic Sea coast have managed to grab at least some of the headlines away from world leaders inside the Heiligendamm resort. Roads across the region were blocked for hours, with press heading for the summit ultimately having to board ships to ferry around the blockades.
Once again the people are saying they won't take a return to the 16th century without a fight. More can be found at Deutsche Welle, Security and Protests at the G8 Summit .

And as for the surprise, Vladimir Putin outfoxed the incompetent Bush foreign policy team. (I guess that shouldn't really be a surprise.)

Putin Proposes Joint Radar Station in Azerbaijan
President Vladimir Putin has proposed that Russia and the US jointly use an existing radar station in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan as a way to resolve their dispute over the planned US missile shield in Eastern Europe. George W. Bush called it an "interesting proposal." Is the ice breaking?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested locating part of America's planned radar-based missile shield in the central Asian country Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic, as a way to resolve the simmering dispute between the US and Russia.

Bush, in a one-on-one meeting with Putin during the G-8 summit in Heiligendamm, called it an "interesting proposal" and said "let's let our experts have a look at it," according to White House National Security Adviser Steve Hadley, who was in the hour-long meeting, the Associated Press reported.
So Putin comes out looking like the good guy, which he's not, and Bush looks like a stubborn idiot, which he is.

Steve Soto has some good analysis in Despite Bush's Taunts, Putin Outmaneuvers Him On Star Wars Today and CNN reports that Surprise offer defuses U.S.-Russia missile spat.

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