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Monday, June 11, 2007

The De-evolution of the Republican Party

In November of 2004 I had a post, Too ignorant for the 21st Century?, on a Gallup poll that claimed that 45% of the American people believed that God created humans 10,000 years ago while only 35% think that there is evidence to show that Darwin's theory of evolution is correct. Well Gallup has a new poll out two and a half years latter and things look a little better.
Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution
Forty nine percent now believe in evolution while forty eight percent do not.While a majority of independents, 61%, and Democrats, 57%, believe in evolution over two thirds of the Republicans don't. While everyone else is overcoming superstition and ignorance the Republican Party is being left behind.

Republican John Cole describes his party as The Stupid Party and says this:
People who reject scientific evidence in favor of fantasy and myth are not “deeply religious,” they are stupid. The numbers overall are frightening, but the GOP in particular appears to be a lost cause.
Like John I find the overall numbers to be depressing but the Republican numbers are truly shocking.

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