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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Approaching Nixon

Thanks to the failing occupation of Iraq and immigration the third poll in a week shows George W. Bush's approval ratings approaching Nixonian levels and over three quarters of the American people think the war is going badly.
Poll: Calls To Get Out Of Iraq Escalate
77% In CBS News Poll Say War's Going Badly, 40% Urge Withdrawal Of All U.S. Troops

With three quarters of Americans saying that the war in Iraq is going badly, the public more than ever before wants American troops to start coming home. Fewer than one in five Americans thinks that the troop increase is making the situation in Iraq better, and about half of all Americans think that the war in Iraq is creating terrorists planning to attack the U.S.

Moreover, President Bush's job approval rating has reached a new low in this poll - 27 - with new lows in the public's approval of his handling of terrorism and immigration as well. Congress does not fare any better: its job approval has dropped nine points since last month to 27 as well. Only 19 of Americans think the country is on the right track - another new low - and seven in 10 Americans do not think America is respected around the world.

And the war:
When assessing the situation in Iraq overall, more Americans than ever before - 77 - say the war is going somewhat or very badly. Nearly half - 47 - say it is going very badly. Positive assessment of the war rose somewhat in March and April, but it is just below its January pre-surge level.

A slight majority of Republicans (52) still think the war is going at least somewhat well, while nine in 10 Democrats and eight in 10 Independents say it is going badly.

The springtime surge of additional U.S. troops to Iraq is now complete, but more Americans are calling for the removal of all U.S. troops from Iraq than ever before. Two in three Americans - 66 – say the number of U.S. troops in Iraq should be decreased, with 40 wanting all U.S. troops removed - up seven points from April. 17 of Americans want the number of U.S. troops kept the same, while just 11 think the number should increase - a drop of ten points.
I guess it's time for the endangered Republican lawmakers to decide if the tribe or their political future that is more important.

Complete Poll results (PDF) can be found here.

I think Joe Gandelman gets it right here.
Once again: Bush has now approached the Jimmy Carter/Richard Nixon/LBJ level in his presidency. It’s difficult to see how he can reverse this course. Even events like a huge foreign policy crisis or a big domestic emergency may not be enough. There seems to be War
Fatigue and Bush Fatigue.

The danger for the GOP: it’s also likely that more centrist Democrats and a large chunk of independent voters now feel a Republican-federal-control fatigue and will want to get rid of it come 2008.
After 6 and a half years it's too late for them to distance themselves from the debacle that is the Bush/Cheney administration.

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