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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Under the table reconciliation?

A lot of news on the Iraq front today and I was just wondering if they are related. It would appear that the Iraqi parliament is still planning to take it's two month summer vacation and won't be bullied by the Lord of Darkness. And as I reported below an Iraqi bill demands U.S. troops withdraw. Now are these two related? If you really want the US to leave what better way to make it happen than to take that vacation? There is speculation that the bill passed because of a deal between supporters of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and the Sunnis. Sounds like reconciliation to me. But that's not all. This is giving the wingers an orgasm but perhaps it's premature ejaculation.
Tribal leaders in Diyala announce alliance against al-Qaeda.
The reaction from the wingers at Strata-Sphere was this:
The Democrat’s and al Qaeda’s worst nightmares apparently are taking shape in Iraq’s Diyala’s Province. The model of success seen in what was the insurgent/al Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province is now taking shape in Diyala as the Arab/Muslim street is rising up - against al Qaeda!
I would suggest this may be part of the wingers worst nightmare. Is this just part of the Iraqis to take their country back? Not just from al-Qaeda but from the Americans and yes, the Iranians.

So the Iraqi parliament will take their 2 month vacation and they are perfectly aware that this will dry up support for the occupation in the US but it looks like they may be planning for a post occupation Iraq without the US.

Via Cernig the New York Times thinks Mr. Bush is Alone. Of course that's an amazing grasp of the obvious moment but this jumped right out at me:
The really important question now facing Washington is the one Mr. Bush still refuses to address: how, while there is still some time left, to design an exit strategy that contains the chaos in Iraq and minimizes the damage to United States interests when American troops inevitably leave.
As I suggested above the Iraqis are taking care of that themselves - all we have to do is leave.

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