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Monday, May 21, 2007

They're Just Not That Into You

We progressive bloggers don't carry water for Democratic politicians but I don't think any of them would dare say they don't pay any attention to us. Not so on the right side of the blogosphere as the wingnuts discovered today. The blog RedState did a good thing when they went after corrupt Republican politician Ken Calvert. I guess they thought they might have some impact. As they found out today it ain't so.
When I declared war on Ken Calvert I made two points. First, his appointment is a sign the House GOP Leadership does not get it and they need to get it to win back the House. Second, unless we scalp a Republican, the GOP Leadership will not take us seriously.

And as I've tried to say more delicately, it's not that they don't treat me seriously, they don't treat *you* seriously. They don't. If you don't believe me, ask John Linder, a member of the House GOP Steering Committee. Today in the Atlanta Journal, Linder says
"I really don't pay much attention to blogs," he said. "You can say anything on those blogs without any attribution and get away with it."

Liberal blogs have been influential, the Georgia lawmaker acknowledged. But he dismissed their conservative counterparts, saying, "I don't pay any attention to them."
That's right, they carry water for these bozos and they get no respect - they don't even pay attention to them.

via FireDogLake and memeorandum.

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