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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

They finally figured it out

The Democrats that is; having a debate on FOX News is like having it at the Republican National Committee headquarters and makes about as much sense.
Debates: DNC Announces Six; Two On CNN, Two On NBC/MSNBC
The Democratic National Committee has officially announced "the dates, media sponsors and cities for the six DNC sanctioned debates."

CNN and NBC get two and ABC and CBS get one each. Fox News isn't included. Here's the list:

July 23, 2007: YouTube/Google and CNN in Charleston, SC

August 19, 2007: ABC in Des Moines, IA

September 26, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Hanover, NH

October 30, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Philadelphia, PA

November 15, 2007: CNN in Las Vegas, NV

December 10, 2007: CBS in Los Angeles, CA
Notice that FOX is missing - the wingnuts did.

I do wonder how the FOX talking heads will react when Murdoch orders them to start saying nice things about Hillary.

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