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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How do the wingnuts respond?

How do the wingnuts respond when it becomes obvious the American people are about to make sure that don't get their hands anywhere near the wheel of the ship of state for a really long time? They decide the ascending party, the Democrats, should have their citizenship stripped and kicked out of the country.
America cannot afford the Democratic Party anymore
It has become apparent that the Democratic Party has gone past the unhinged and into all out insanity and as such has overstayed their welcome in our United States.

It is good that President Bush vetoed their cut and run bill - and that’s all it is, and don’t let marxist weasels like this tell you any different.

The veto won’t change the unchangeable such as Pelosi and Reid, both of which should have their citizenship stripped and sent to hang out with Chavez. On a better note send Pelosi to live with the Taliban, I give her five minutes tops before - well, you know.

Fact is that we - meaning the true conservatives have had enough of these malcontented traitors - pimples on the ass of Lady Liberty.
Now which unhinged group has placed 150,000 160,000 of America's finest in the middle of a 600 year old religious conflict and civil war, destroying the US military in the process? The policy and war of which unhinged group has made Al Qaeda is a more dangerous enemy today than it has ever been before? Which unhinged group has cheered and encouraged the undermining of the US Constitution? Which unhinged group are anti-American traitors?

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