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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Darwin and politics

The Democrats can only hope that Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest is just a theory because they have demonstrated they are not the fittest of political creatures. On the same day a poll showed that 60% of the American people think enough is enough in Iraq a spending bill passed both the House and the Senate giving Bush all he wanted. It's bad enough that they are agreeing to let more of America's finest to die for politics but as Steve Soto explains it's bad politics. The Republicans will now end the occupation of Iraq and take the credit for it in 2008. That's right, the Republicans are not the lemmings they appear to be and they have out foxed the Democrats.

The good news is that the occupation of Iraq will start winding down in the next few months. The bad news is the Republicans not the Democrats will be able to take credit for it. In the battle of the survival of the fittest the spineless Democratic politicians will lose. The vertebrates will win.

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