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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A sad state of affairs

How can you tell if someone from the Bush administration is lying?
Their lips are moving!

Talking Points Memo reader PG had the following observation:
[T]here’s one aspect of this story that seems to have attracted no editorial mention or public interest. Implicit in all the coverage is the assumption—by Democrats and Republicans alike—that the Attorney General is going up to Capitol Hill to lie. As far as I can tell, this is a universal assumption. The Republicans are rooting for Mr. Gonzales to be successful in his perjury, to tell a coherent story that his enemies cannot break down. The Democrats are rooting the other way, off course. They’re hoping that their ace interrogators will be able to shoot enough holes in Mr. Gonzales’ story that they can destroy his credibility. But nobody seems to find it shocking or tragic that the Attorney General of the United States is going to lie to congress. . . . I’m sure that if Gonzales makes it through his testimony without being totally discredited, Fred Barnes and Brit Hume will be all over Fox news boasting that the Senators “never laid a glove on him.” But no one seems the least bit concerned about his truthfulness, just his tactics. . . .
With the Democrats in control of both the House and the Senate this will be the rule for the next year and a half. It shows how low this country has descended in the last 6+ years. Truly a sad state of affairs. This is what George W. Bush and the rest of the immoral power hungry members of the administration have done to this once proud country. No wonder it is no longer a country that the rest of the world looks to for an example.

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