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Friday, April 06, 2007

Attorney Purge-gate News

Monica Goodling is back in the news today.
Gonzales aide in firings controversy resigns
WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' top aide, who refused to testify before Congress about her role in the politically charged firing of eight U.S. attorneys, abruptly quit her job Friday.

"I am hereby submitting my resignation to the office of attorney general," Monica M. Goodling said in a three-sentence letter. There was no immediate reason given for her departure, but Goodling's refusal to face Congress intensified a controversy that threatens Gonzales' job.

Asserting her right under the U.S. Constitution not to incriminate herself, Goodling rejected demands last month for a private interview with a House of Representatives committee investigating the firings.
Since one thing most of the fired US Attorneys had in common was they refused to use their office for Rovian style politics many of us asked; what about the 85 that didn't get fired? Well we are getting some answers to that question.
Ex-state official freed
Judge calls evidence she steered travel contract 'beyond thin'
Federal judges Thursday ruled that former state purchasing supervisor Georgia L. Thompson was wrongly convicted of making sure a state travel contract went to a firm linked to Gov. Jim Doyle's re-election campaign and freed her from an Illinois prison.

During 26 minutes of oral arguments, all three judges assailed the government's case, with Judge Diane Wood saying at one point that "the evidence is beyond thin."

During a news conference later Thursday, Doyle, a former state attorney general, said the three judges did an "extraordinary thing" by entering an order finding Thompson innocent and ordering her immediate release.

Decisions at that level of the federal judicial system usually take weeks or months after oral arguments.

Thompson, 57, will remain free on a signature bond until the appeals court issues its written decision.
The commissar writing in the comments section of his own post sums it up nicely.
Georgia Thompson was clearly railroaded by a politically-motivated US Attorney.

As far as Fieger goes, there is such a thing as “a pattern of behavior.” When the DOJ has been as thoroughly politicized as it has been, at some point the burden of proof swings the other way.

And there is a related point, i.e. that every “loud-mouth” Democrat who has been prosecuted by one of the ‘loyal 85′ is going to challenge such prosecution. How many of these “guilty loudmouths” will walk?

Patrick, I repeat my initial email. You are making a mistake by investing your credibility on this. I cannot even keep up with the explosion of rot that has infested the DOJ. Today, the assistant USAs to Rachel Palouse took demotions or quit.

This whole issue is going to blow up, far bigger than it is today, The admin’s defenders (and I include the LA Times-ellipsis-bashers in there) are going to look foolish.
And speaking of Rachel Palouse, this is what that's all about.
3 federal prosecutors quit manager posts
In a surprising move, three top lawyers in the Minnesota U.S. Attorney's Office resigned their management positions Thursday and will return to prosecuting cases.
The resignations of the first assistant U.S. attorney, who is second in command, and the chiefs of both the criminal and civil divisions of the office, were communicated internally late Thursday afternoon, according to a source with direct knowledge of the events. The job changes followed a visit to the office by a representative from the Executive Office of the U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, who chairs a Senate subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts, issued a harsh statement Friday after learning of the resignations.

"This is another example of the proud corps of U.S. Attorneys being deprofessionalized," Schumer said. "We wonder in how many other offices the same lack of confidence is taking its toll. Attorney General [Alberto] Gonzales has a responsibility to see that the finest people are put in these positions, not simply cronies."

The resignations are certain to raise questions, especially in light of the controversy surrounding Gonzales and the way the Bush administration replaced eight U.S. attorneys around the country since August.

Minnesota's U.S. Attorney, Rachel Paulose, took the job in March 2006. No one has linked her to the controversy in Washington.

"It's just absolutely extraordinary that these three top managers would voluntarily demote themselves," said one defense attorney knowledgeable about the office. "I mean, it's a rank cut. ... And then it would be a salary cut, too."

A source familiar with the office said Thursday's resignations were more about management style and communication than politics. But they take on added significance because they follow a number of other managers who have voluntarily stepped aside since Paulose took over.
Welcome to Gonzo's world.

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