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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Worse than _________[fill in the blank]

Apparently Micahel Barone has not seen the light after all. The US News post, Lawmaker's Intervention in Law Enforcement Crosses Line,
was actually by Bonnie Erbe. It's still a good read.

So Michael Barone has seen the light. While discussing Sen Pete Domenici's call to a U.S. attorney:
Domenici would not have made that call had either a Democrat or a law-abiding Republican been in the White House. He would not have had the temerity to throw his weight around to such an outrageous extent.

What's going on in Washington is not sufficiently removed from the routine doings of a tawdry Third World dictatorship to give any American comfort.
Now as Mark Schmitt points out this is the same Michael Barone that...
A few years ago, Michael Barone wrote a column about how conservative presidents are always under attack by us ultra-powerful liberals who refuse to accept their legitimacy. It included a dazzlingly audacious one-line historical reinterpretation of Watergate: "Richard Nixon...unwittingly colluded in the successful attempt to besmirch his administration."
So is this worse than Watergate or has "Richard Nixon Michael Barone...unwittingly colluded in the successful attempt to besmirch his administration reputation."

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