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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where Credit Is Due

I have not been posting much on US Attorney-Gate since a quick trip over to memeorandum or any of the other excellent aggregators listed on the right will give you plenty of folks who are smarter than I who are. But I have to give credit where it is due and that credit goes to Time's Jay Carney for this:
Where Credit Is Due
Twelve days ago, after David Iglesias went public, I said that if there turned out to be a broad conspiracy behind the firing of the U.S. Attorneys, "I will take my hat off to Marshall and others in the blogosphere and congratulate them for having been right in their suspicions about this story from the beginning."

My hat is off. Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo and everyone else out there whose instincts told them there was something deeply wrong and even sinister about the firings, and who dug around and kept writing about them while Iglesias decided whether to talk to the press or go quietly on to his next job, deserve tremendous credit.

When this story first surfaced, I thought the Bush White House and Justice Department were guilty of poorly executed acts of crass political patronage. I called some Democrats on the Hill; they were "concerned", but this was not a priority. The blogosphere was the engine on this story, pulling the Hill and the MSM along. As the document dump proves, what happened was much worse than I'd first thought. I was wrong. Very nice work, and thanks for holding my feet to the fire.
While this isn't the first time the "instincts" of bloggers have turned out to be right but it is certainly one of the few times someone from the MSM has been willing to admit it. Good job Jay!

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