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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometimes You Need A Constitutional Crisis

This is why we need a constitutional crisis.

And with the lawless Republican tribe of Bush in the White House this is one of those times. There are times when a Constitutional crisis is needed to draw a line in the sand and after six years of the Bush administration that line must be drawn. Of course the Washington Post disagrees,
Political Spectacle
President Bush and Congress should step back from a confrontation that makes them both look bad.
As we suggested last week, a two-step process could pull both sides back from the brink. First, Mr. Gonzales and other Justice Department officials should testify about their decisions to remove the ousted eight. If questions remain, Mr. Rove and Ms. Miers should be interviewed. They don't have to testify under oath, since lying to Congress is a crime. But their testimony must be as open as possible and should without question be transcribed. If Mr. Bush is serious about wanting the truth to come out, he will relent on this issue.
This crisis is not a result of the congress finally wanting to get to the truth after six years it is the result of the Bush administration's flagrant disregard of the constitution and the law and the Republican congress not doing their duty when it came to congressional oversight. If we need to go to the brink to return to the constitution so be it.

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