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Monday, March 05, 2007

The phony culture war

I think Digby gets it right.
The "pro-family" party is a bunch of hypocrites who never hold their own leaders to the same standards as everyone else. It's not that they don't know who Rudy really is --- it's patronizing to keep saying that. They know, they just don't care. As long as he blows the right dogwhistle tunes, they could not care less what he actually does.

And if he gets caught, all he has to do is repent to be forgiven (even though Bill Clinton practically crawled on his belly apologizing over Monica and they spit in his face.) It's not about the family or the morals or anything to do with values. It's about the loyalty to the team. That's all they care about. Rudy can sleep with Chippendales dancers three at a time for all they care as long as he calls the right plays.

The fact is that if any of the top three Republicans win the nomination, the phony culture war is over. Not that the media or the political establishment will admit it. They'll keep the kabuki going as long as they can until some other fake rightwing religio-patriotic nonsense comes along that the dissolute elites can glom onto to pretend they give a damn about the polloi.
Go read the entire thing.

I think this applies to Christo-fascists like Fallwell and Robertson but one exception might be Dobson. He is a complete nut case and really is on a holy crusade against abortion and gays.

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