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Friday, March 02, 2007

Outrage Overload

Yes the outrages come so fast and furious that I'm suffering from overload. None of it surprises me anymore. We have the ever growing flap of the administration and Republicans trying to politicize the Judicial system. Outrageous but not surprising. And of course the Bush/Cheney cabal has been hyping intelligence again. Outrageous but not surprising. But the outrage doesn't stop with the Republicans. If anything I feel even more outrage towards the Democrats. They are unwilling to do anything to stop the insanity of the last six years. I have to wonder if they are really that much different than the Republicans they replaced in the majority. Over at The Left Coaster soccerdad is on to something I think.
Let's be perfectly clear. The Dems and their leadership, the centerists, the liberal hawks, and the DLC were all for this war. As I keep saying, the Bush policy is simply a logical extenstion of the Carter Doctrine. Is there anybody not in a coma who still believes this war was not about oil and geopolitical power.
It's no accident that the Dems did so little to stop the war, block conservative judges, or to stop the assault on the American safety net. They all get paid by the same groups and industries. The obvious disdain for the American people clearly demonstrated by the Republicans is in a weird way more honest that the charade of the Democrats who talk the talk only to get elected. It's also clear that what the American people want is of little concern to most of those in Washington. We are really screwed.
I'm afraid that sounds about right.

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