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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scapegoat the troops

John McCain is looking for scapegoats. He is trying to pin the failure of his and George Bush's failed war in Iraq on the troops. Steve Soto does a great job of taking him to the woodshed.
McCain is blaming Casey for his judgment in executing Bush’s flawed policy, and is blaming Casey, not Bush and Rumsfeld, for not sending the amount of troops McCain thought was necessary. He is blaming Casey for the deaths of our troops, not Bush. It’s all the military’s fault, not Bush.

Tell me Senator, please outline for this committee in detail the number of times you directly told the commander in chief that he was wrong, his policy was wrong, and argued with the president for more troops. And if you cannot do that Senator McCain, then you are equally negligent and responsible for those deaths and this flawed policy. Your pathetic attempts to blame everyone else except yourself for this fiasco put you in good company with the commander in chief you are still enabling.
Gen.Petraeus should take note of how the slimy little weasel McCain "supports" the troops. He will be in McCain's sites in a few months. I would guess that McCain's father is weeping as he looks down on what his son has become.

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