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Friday, February 09, 2007

Pajamas Media on hydrogen

I don't often link to much less agree with anything from Pajamas Media but this jumped out at me and can't be emphasized enough.
“Hydrogen, after all, is “the most common element in the universe,” as Secretary Abraham pointed out. Since it is so plentiful, surely President Bush must be right when he promises it will be cheap. And when you use it, the waste product will be nothing but water—“environmental pollution will no longer be a concern.” Hydrogen will be abundant, cheap, and clean. Why settle for anything less?

Unfortunately, it’s all pure bunk. To get serious about energy policy, America needs to abandon, once and for all, the false promise of the hydrogen age.”

“Hydrogen is only a source of energy if it can be taken in its pure form and reacted with another chemical, such as oxygen. But all the hydrogen on Earth, except that in hydrocarbons, has already been oxidized, so none of it is available as fuel. If you want to get plentiful unbound hydrogen, the closest place it can be found is on the surface of the Sun; mining this hydrogen supply would be quite a trick.
I have discussed the non-promise of hydrogen "fuel" here at MEJ in the past.

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Katrina, Global Warming and Peak Oil
Hydrogen: We should have known that if George W. Bush is talking about it it's not a good idea. The reality is hydrogen is not an energy source, it is an energy transfer medium. It does not occur naturally and has to be produced by by splitting water. It requires more energy to split the water than you get back when you burn it to create energy.
Monday, September 26, 2005
Don't buy the hydrogen spin
Make no mistake, when they talk about a hydrogen economy they are really talking about a nuclear economy. If you are alright with nukes then a hydrogen car is for you. If your not OK with nukes then hydrogen is not what will be powering your car.
To be honest there are groups like, The Phoenix Project Foundation, who think they have solutions.

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