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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Looking for someone to blame

In The War To Save The Surge E.J. Dionne wonders why the administration and it's supporters have worked so hard to stop the Senate resolution to put itself on record opposing President Bush's escalation of the Iraq war through a "surge" of troops, while saying it was meaningless. He then answers the question with this:
Supporters of Bush's war policy would love a vote on a full funding cutoff right now because they know that, at this moment, they could win it. They would love responsibility for the failures in Iraq to fall not on an administration that planned its policy so badly and carried it out so incompetently. Far better for them to heap blame on the war's opponents for "losing faith."
Many if not most of the Republicans and Bush supporters now know that his Iraq adventure is lost. They want both a way out before 2008 and someone else to blame the failure on. If the Democrats were to cut off funding they would have both.

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