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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Iran - the next frontier

Some interesting news on Iran today.
The report on Iran's involvement in Iraq has been delayed.
But some officials in Washington are concerned that some of the material may be inconclusive and that other data cannot be released without jeopardizing intelligence sources and methods. They want to avoid repeating the embarrassment that followed the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, when it became clear that information the administration cited to justify the war was incorrect, said the officials, who described the internal discussions on condition of anonymity.
Perhaps that it's because it turned out those responsible for the killing of American soldiers in Karbala turned out to be Iraqi Generals not Iranians.
Of special interest is this from OpEdNews.com.
So, is the only way to stop another middle east debacle is get rid of Cheney? There may be some Republicans who think so.
Pundits-especially those favorable to Cheney's chickenhawk policies-have said that impeachment is unlikely because the Vice President is a "constitutionally elected official" who can only be removed under charges of criminality, or by voluntarily resigning. But, with the opening statement by Special Counsel Fitzgerald in the Libby trial, on Jan. 23, in which he alleged that Cheney issued a hand-written memo to Libby on discrediting Wilson, the situation changed. Not only did Fitzgerald disclose the existence of the memo, but he charged that Libby had "wiped out" that incriminating piece of evidence.

However, reportedly through the combination of computer memory recovery methods, and the testimony of witnesses who also knew about Cheney's memo, Fitzgerald was able to introduce the matter in his opening remarks.

Now, to all those who say "impeachment is off the table," one must ask-what would the trial of Richard Nixon's aides Haldeman, Ehrlichman, et al., have looked like, if a hand-written note from Nixon, directing them to break into the offices of Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Hotel, had been disclosed?

Washington insiders report that the Bush family may be the critical factor in getting rid of Cheney, a scenario which is being mooted in the media.
As we have been saying here all along "It's all about Cheney", the source of all evil - the dark lord - Darth Vader. Is their a movement in the Republican aristocracy that realizes this and that his madness is not in their best interest? More important, can they do something about Cheney before he does the next insanely stupid thing?

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