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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gordon Smith - the wingnut resurfaces

Last night on KGW's Townhall Gordon Smith couldn't even play a moderate on TV and his wingnuttery was front and center. You can watch it here. Over at Blue Oregon possible Smith challenger Steve Novick gives us a rundown, Smith on KGW: Absurdly Misleading.
So on the KGW Town Hall tonight, I thought Senator Smith said six things especially worthy of note: one flatly false, and one absurdly misleading, statement about the Bush tax cuts and the economy; one statement about his change of heart on Iraq that re-raises a credibility issue; a statement about Medicare negotiating drug prices in which he failed to acknowledge a flip-flop; a statement on global warming suggesting he still doesn't really believe it exists; and an interesting reaction to Ron Wyden's proposal to disallow tax deductibility of prescription drug advertising.
Head over to Blue Oregon for the specifics.

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