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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Get that padded bunker ready

The last few days I have suggested that Dick Cheney is "bat shit crazy" and a megalomaniac. On his recent tour of Australia Dick Cheney confirmed those observations and more. From The Carpetbagger Report:
He “stands by” what he said in 1991? Maybe Cheney is confused about what the phrase “stands by” means, but it suggests he still agrees with the remarks he made when he insisted that invading and occupying Iraq would be a “classic definition of a quagmire.” In the next breath, however, there’s 9/11.

It seems, in all sincerity, that Cheney was arguing that the 9/11 attacks justify the quagmire he predicted 16 years ago. Why? Just because.

If Cheney had said he was wrong in 1991, there would at least be something resembling coherence here. He thought Iraq would be a mess if we invaded, but we invaded, and lo and behold, everything is going great.

But that’s not what he said. Cheney argued that he was right before and right now, despite the fact that the two Cheney's appear to contradict each other.

I’m starting to think the Vice President isn’t well.
And Cernig points out that he contradicted everyone else in the administration.
Unheedful of his own administrations insistence that the US wants a peaceful resolution to its dispute with Iran over that nation's nuclear power program, Cheney insists that "all options are on the table" and, incidentally, comes out at odds with Bush's wish for the White House to appear neutral in the Republican presidential nominee race by endorsing John McCain and his view of foreign policy as war forevaaaah! (Maybe Cheney is why senior UK defense officials worry the rhetoric of a peaceful solution is just a cover for the coming attack.)

Unmindful of Bush's push of the recent North Korean nuke deal as a glorious victory for his administration, Cheney insists that he doesn't trust the North Koreans to keep their end of the deal. If the administration really thought that, then the whole deal would be a sham, a fake, a subterfuge to look like they were doing somehting, right? Way to undermine your (at least theoretical) boss, Dick!

Oh, and at the same time, Cheney picks on a recent Chinese anti-satellite test as a sure sign of Chinese belligerence.

Uncaring that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs recently described that very test thusly: "I would not directly tie that to a threat - it's a capability."
Even within the administration there must be people who realize Dick Cheney is dangerously demented and a threat. It's time to pad the walls of the secret bunker and lock the door. And as I suggested below we shouldn't be wasting our time going after George W. Bush. We shouldn't be concentrating on the puppet but on the puppeteer - the modern day Rasputin - the administration's own bull goose loony - Dick Cheney himself.

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