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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

foriegn entanglements, double games

When President Washington warned the country against foreign entanglements he had in mind the very situation we face today in the Middle East.

Our allies the Saudis who are Sunnis, according to some reports are providing money and, some say, even weapons to the Sunni insurgents along their borders. Dual Loyalties.

The Iraqi troops we are training to "stand up" don't show up for work most of the time because of peer pressure from other Iraqis. Dual loyalties.

The Iraqi police and other security forces are thoroughly infiltrated by either Shia or Sunni death squads and men dressed in their uniforms commit mass kidnappings and murders.

Recently men wearing American uniforms, driving American vehicles, and using passwords, drove past checkpoints and gained entry into a major American base. How did they get the uniforms, vehicles and passwords? Dual loyalties.

Iraqi generals, and high ranking ministry officials have been implicated in various death squad and militia activities. Dual loyalties.

Shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles are now apparently making their way into Iraq in large numbers because our forces are not controlling the borders. Many anti-aircraft missiles may be American, part of "hundreds of thousands of tons" (Washington Post 11-7-04) of munitions looted from unguarded depots after the invasion. Double game blowback.

The Iranians are predictably playing a double game aiding their Shia brethren while denying everything and encouraging diplomacy.

The Bush/Cheney administration is playing a double game by claiming the invasion was never about oil while forcing the Iraqi puppet government to agree to contracts giving American and European oil interests control over drilling, pumping, refining and transport of 75% of their country's oil.

Its even impossible to tell if the Bush/Cheney administration, habitual players of the double game, wants to bring order out of chaos or likes the chaos and wants to enthusiastically participate. And not even Bush can define what victory is supposed to look like.

Meanwhile our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are dying and being maimed while Bush/Cheney cut VA medical care budgets.

Recently a fifty million dollar medical facility was opened in Texas to offer treatment to the most difficult and tragic cases of wounded men and women from our military. This facility is entirely the result of private donations by patriotic citizens.

Not one dime came from the VA or the Bush/Cheney administration. Not one lousy dime.

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