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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Dick Cheney Weekend

The Lord of Darkness was the subject of much speculation this weekend. And no, I'm not referring to is airplane problems. Cheney's latest delusional inflammatory rantings have been covered already so I'll pass on that as well. Seymour Hersh thinks that the super secret activities of Dick Cheney's super secret shadow government may be too much for Iran-Contra felon John Negroponte. Jeralyn at TalkLeft discusses the possibility that Fitzgerald with go after Cheney if he gets a Libby conviction.

This brings us to some speculation from paradox at The Left Coaster. Now everyone who checks in from time to time know that I consider Cheney to be the source of most if not all evil and on top of that he is insane - bat shit crazy. Now if Cheney wasn't actually running the show he would have been gone years ago. We also know there are people within the administration who are fighting Cheney's influence and speculation they may be more powerful than in the past. With all that in mind paradox wonders if Cheney is going to be forced to resign in the next few months.
If justice, reason and truth ever meant anything in this world of course Cheney should have resigned years ago, and of course our whoring media class has completely shielded yet another Bush administration felon, and of course Darth Cheney is seen as the untouchable evil glue that holds the heinous forces of Bush reactionaries together.

Yes, but stranger things have happened. Another extremely interesting notch to add to the detrimental cascade above is Cheney’s unique and extremely debilitating status as a non-successor vice president; it ensures a very nasty primary fight for his party before they even have to think of taking on the Democratic nominee. Bush could toss him to legitimately solve the successor issue.

Humans also, regrettably, love to find scapegoats. If Libby is guilty, Cheney is about to be indicted and bring down the whole party, why, one could easily see Cheney being forced to take the fall and resign in disgrace.

Be prepared for the unexpected on the Republican side in the next ten months. The forces being applied to the party are terrific, and already John McCain is babbling incoherently. Right now the only thing the GOP can do for 2008 is serve good food on the campaign plane, that’s it, and for a party with so much resources and expectations facing so much failure something is going to give.
It can't happen too soon.

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