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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crazy Cheney's bad trip!

Dick Cheney went to Pakistan and chewed out Musharraf who told him to mind his own business after he left for Afghanistan where he was attacked by insurgents, probably from Pakistan. To make matters worse Condi Rice apparently got to George W. Bush while he was gone.
U.S. Set to Join Iran and Syria in Talks on Iraq
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 — American officials said Tuesday that they had agreed to hold the highest-level contact with the Iranian authorities in more than two years as part of an international meeting on Iraq.

The discussions, scheduled for the next two months, are expected to include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Iranian and Syrian counterparts.

The announcement, first made in Baghdad and confirmed by Ms. Rice, that the United States would take part in two sets of meetings among Iraq and its neighbors, including Syria and Iran, is a shift in President Bush’s avoidance of high-level contacts with the governments in Damascus and, especially, Tehran.
So what changed? Could it have something to do with this?
Iraqis Agree Oil Deal to Spread the Wealth
The Gun Toting Liberal thinks so.
Well now it’s clear to me why this is happening. There is money to be made in Iraq! Gunny, you can stop slapping me upside the head now. Thanks. Mike and Alex you can stop too! “Surge” didn’t read the Governor’s piece or mine. He was simply being “Surge” again.

Now that the Iraqi government has reached an agreement to share the wealth of it’s very profitable oil fields it is more than okay for the evil doers in the region to sit at a table and talk with our nation. Is it just me or is this the administration you have to always follow the flow of oil and money in order to find out what they will do next? If that is true then hypothetically, if the oil fields in Iraq started to run dry, President Bush would have our troops home in a matter of days! Why would we need our troops there if it was just a damn desert with no economical value to the Republicans United States of America?

This meeting will be about the money and not the peace. Before the war, Iraq was supposedly up there in the ranking as one of the larger producers of oil at two to four million barrels a day. I may be wrong on that fact but the truth of the matter is that Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oklahoma are probably pumping out more oil today than Iraq. That can only mean somewhere there is an oil bazzillionaire whose checkbook is not balancing out. Twenty something zeros are missing on the end amount on the old ledger balance sheet.
That's right, the invasion of Iraq always was all about oil and money. Now that Exxon/Mobile, Shell and Chevron can make big bucks peace is now important. There is more money to be made with oil than war. James Baker III new this and that's why he wanted to talk to Iran.

Steve Soto agrees that the administraion is now ready to talk because with the new Iraqi Oil Law they have won the "real" war.

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