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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yes Virginia there is a "nutroots"

The Republican wingers and the DLC wingers like Marshall Wittmann have referred to the majority of the Democratic base as the "nutroots". That's wrong but - there is indeed a nutroots and it has a face, the face of Cindy Sheehan. Wars don't end because of anti-war protesters the end when they become a liability to a majority of politicians and power brokers. The Democrats now have a chance to actually change things and Cindy Sheehan and her "nutroots" risk sabotaging it.
Democratic leaders squeezed on Iraq plans
Anti-war protesters led by Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq in 2004, disrupted a news conference Wednesday by House Democratic leaders. After the lawmakers retreated into the Capitol, Sheehan took advantage of the open microphone to warn Democrats that organized protests, beginning with a demonstration Thursday in Washington, would grow if they did not become more “confrontational” with Bush over the war.

“We elected them to bring the troops home, stop funding the war and for accountability,” Sheehan said. “We’re here to tell them we’re holding their feet to the fire as much as we held the Republicans’ feet to the fire.”
Leave them alone Cindy and give them a chance to do what they were elected to do. When you behave as you did on Wednesday you threaten their ability to do so. Take a vacation for a few weeks Cindy - put your side show into hiatus.

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