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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So it's over, the SOTU that is

No surprises, a sorry little man with no credibility pretending he has credibility. A sorry administration that has practiced divide and conquer asking for bi-partisanship when their fearless leader's approval ratings fall below 30% and the opposition takes control of both the House and the Senate. We have a sorry little man asking for one more chance after he has been wrong about everything for six long years. Sorry George W., sorry Dick Cheney, sorry Bill Kristol and the rest of the neocons. Fuck you, you have made a mess of the country I love, you have made the world a more dangerous place, you have shown disrespect for the sacred constitution that is the foundation of this once great nation. Yes I use the past tense and you are responsible for that. I repeat, fuck you.

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