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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rewarding the Guilty

David Corn wonders why William Kristol, who has been wrong about everything Iraq, should be rewarded with a "star" columnist position at Time Magazine. He presents a rundown on all of the things that Kristol said that turned about to be dead wrong and concludes with this:
Kristol was mistaken about the justification for the war, the costs of the war, the planning for the war, and the consequences of the war. That's a lot for a pundit to miss. In his columns and statements about Iraq, Kristol displayed little judgment or expertise. He was not informing the public; he was whipping it. He turned his wishes into pronouncements and helped move the country to a mismanaged and misguided war that has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. That's not journalism.
Why would anyone want to read what Kristol had to say about anything.

Democrats.com suggests we cancel our subscriptions to Time to protest the hiring of war criminal Bill Kristol. You can do it here.

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