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Monday, January 01, 2007

A new Year's Post - of sorts

I have spent the last week trying to compose a New Year's post without much luck. The Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate and a growing majority now recognizes the Bush administration for the dangerous, evil and incompetent operators they are. The bad news is that the Lord of Darkness, Dick Cheney, along with George Bush and a collection of neocon and federalist orcs is still in a position to be a threat to the planet. In Iraq we will "stay the course" and Iran is in the cross hairs of Cheney and the madmen residing in the dark caves known as neocon "think" tanks. The fact that their power and prestige is threatened makes them even more dangerous. Short of a military coup or impeachment this won't change for two years. The reality is 2007 will only be worse than 2006 and a lot more dangerous.

It should be noted that the manner in which Saddam was executed - by Sadr miltia members is a very ominous sign for Iraq. The Shia government of al Malaki want the Sunnis to respond with increased violence so they, the Shia, well have an excuse to continue the ethnic cleansing. And Bush, Lieberman and McCain want to send 30,000 more of America's finest into that cauldron of chaos and hate.

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