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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Everything we do is for peace.

Americans love peace. We never actually get peace, but Americans love it as a concept.

I recently watched some pentagon documentary footage from the fifties, and sixties when I was a boy.

Everything was for peace, the fleets of B-52s, the nuclear weapons programs, missile launching submarines, ICBMs, sending troops to Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Korea, overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran, installing a king, training his secret police to kidnap, torture, and murder, overthrowing the democratically elected government of Guatamala and starting a 36 year civil war, financing and training death squads all over Latin America. All for peace.

The "peace" line of bovine scatology still works with the American people who seem to fall for it now as much as ever, and now, as much as ever, peace is never what we actually get.

George Bush is a tactical and strategic loser. Osama is the proverbial tail wagging the George Bush doggie. Osama so far is the winner.

Since western economies and navies began switching from coal to oil the west has done nothing but interfere in the Persian Gulf region the people who live there have never been left alone to work out an arrangement by themselves without western meddling, just like they are not being allowed to work things out now. We never asked them if American style democracy was what they wanted we told them that was what they were going to get.

The first use of weapons of mass destruction on the Iraqi people wasn't Saddam, it was the British in about 1920.

Saddam was America's golden boy from the beginning of his bloody regime anything he did was ok by us. When he decided to use weapons of mass destruction on the Kurds, we gave him material assitance. We were his enthusiastic partners, suppliers, financiers in all that he did for thirty years.

We need to get out of Iraq and let the chips fall where they may. That's what is going to happen in the end anyway.

Bush is a loser, first demonstrated by his firing all the generals who were right about what we would need to do in Iraq.

All his "new" plans are going to be similar to his old plans, nothing more original, and no more successful. He has no idea how to change the basic situation in our favor.

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