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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Duck Hillary, it's Iraq!

Below I discussed how Frank Rich had taken Hillary to the woodshed over her non-stand on Iraq. Over at Politico Roger Simon does the same.
Hillary Pushes Personality, Ducks Iraq
DES MOINES - - In her first face-to-face meeting with voters since announcing for president, Hillary Clinton was asked about Iraq and ducked the question.

A man, who identified himself as a Gulf War vet, asked the New York senator at a town meeting in a high school gym here Saturday if the surge of new troops to Iraq “was going to be enough?”

Instead of answering, Hillary (as she is officially called by her campaign) said, “Thanks so much for your service” and then talked about how she visits military hospitals and believes America needs to provide good medical care for its veterans.

In the one-hour town meeting, Hillary did not mention Iraq a single time. She mentioned ethanol twice.
I don't really know how much of this is the result of Hillary's actual position on Iraq and how much of it is the DC consultants and focus groups she depends on. As Rich said below Hillary has always been a follower not a leader on the most important issue of our time, Iraq. If she wants to hold the highest office in the land that will have to change and soon. Yes Hillary, it's time to jettison your old DLC buddies Marshall Wittmann and Joe Lieberman; that's "the way forward".

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