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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Both Barrels

In the comments section of this mindless post in the WSJ's Washington Wire, Poll Shows Voters Unconvinced on Iraq, a reader gives it to John Harwood with both barrels.
I’m a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal and I’m commenting to let you know how out-of-touch with reality most of your editorials are. They have the unfortunate effect of undercutting the credibility of your journalists. People who rely on the Journal for hard-headed business nformation scratch their heads when they read most of your editorials and op-ed pieces.

Bush and Cheney have continually lied to the American people. Up until the Democrats won his second mid-term election, much of the so-called “mainstream media” had done a mediocre job of documenting his incompetent and perversely unconstitutional
policies. The Journal editorial page has pretty much been playing ostrich.

When are you going to wake up to the fact that your editorials undermine whatever journalistic credibility you may still have. Polls indicate that well-educated business executives and professionals know incompetence and corruption when they see it. Just because your readers are successful doesn’t make them stupid.

If you read the New York Times and the Washington Post
you may learn what’s going on in Washington. Your editorials are so bad, that like Bush’s and Cheney’s consistent disregard for both the American public and the truth, they are laughable.

I remember reading an editorial that supported Exxon-Mobil’s right to publish lies in their public- relations (”disinformation”)campaign against global warming. Recently, they’ve decided that publishing lies was neither in the public interest nor their own interest. I wonder why you suppored that campaign of lies? (As I recall, you were waving the “Bill of Rights” flag at the time. How noble to support a disinformation campaign so vile that Exxon-Mobil voluntarily abandoned it–for their own good.

Bruce Lansky
Good for you Bruce.

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