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Saturday, December 30, 2006

What King George hath wrought!

Have you wondered what it's really like in Baghdad? Will Saddam's death make any difference? McClatchy's Hannah Allam returns to Iraq after about a years absence and reports on what it's like and how much worse it has become in the last year. Go read the article,
Reporter returns to Baghdad to find it far different - and worse off. In light of today's execution of Saddam this paragraph jumped out at me.
covered a day of the Saddam Hussein trial because I was curious to see the dictator in person. When I returned to the office, none of my Iraqi co-workers asked about their former president. They despise him, to be sure, but they shrugged and declared him yesterday's news, as irrelevant to their lives as the current crop of leaders cloistered in the Green Zone with no control over the anarchic landscape outside.
Dead or alive Saddam is yesterday's news - irrelevant today.

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