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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Way Deeper

Nearly four years ago George W. Bush, with encouragement from the delusional neocons, started digging a hole in Mesopotamia. Everything his administration has done since has old continued to dig - down. It looks like that's not going to change anytime soon and that the much anticipated "way forward" is going to only be the "way deeper". Now nobody with any common sense, including an increasing number of previous war supporters, thinks that the addition of 10 to 30 thousand additional troops in going to make any difference. But in the spirit of keep digging - AKA "stay the course", George W. Bush is going to add US troops in Iraq.
Call to Add U.S. Forces
Is Resisted at Home, in Iraq
The Bush administration is leaning toward temporarily sending as many as 20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq, even as the Democrats taking charge of Congress demand a drawdown of forces.

U.S. officials say the increase is needed to make a new push to stabilize Baghdad and to bolster efforts to train the Iraqi army. The emerging plan is facing opposition from Iraqi officials adamant that more U.S. forces aren't the answer. U.S. military commanders in Baghdad have drawn up plans for the country that don't require any new personnel. The debate over whether to send additional U.S. forces to Iraq is the most visible manifestation of the high-level tumult roiling the Bush administration as it works to find a way forward there ahead of a presidential address to the nation early next year.
Now not only will additional troops not improve the situation on the ground a majority of Americans and the Iraqi Government are opposed to the idea.

Now there is nothing the new Democratic Congress can stop Bush deadly debacle. Attempts are already been being made to blame everyone by the incompetent liars who are responsible for the inevitable loss. What the Democrats in Congress can do is have very public hearings on everything Iraq. That would include how we got there, how in was incompetently managed from the beginning, or even before and the incredible corruption involving Bush/Cheney friends and supporters.

The Bush administration is going to continue to dig. We need to insure that everyone knows why we are in a hole when it's all over.

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