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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Poor Jeb joins the reality based community

Thanks to George W. Jeb realizes there is no future in politics for anyone named Bush.
'I have no future' -- Jeb Bush tells reporters
MIAMI (Reuters) - The shadow of President Bush seemed to loom large over his younger brother on Wednesday, as the outgoing Florida governor ruled out any plans to return to elected office.

"No tengo futuro (I have no future)," Jeb Bush told Spanish-language reporters in Miami, when asked about any possible political ambitions after he steps down next month.

The popular, two-term governor has often been touted as a savvy politician with a good chance of following both his brother and father, George H.W. Bush, into the White House.

But the unpopularity and dismal job-approval ratings of his brother may have scuttled any plans Jeb Bush may have had for a future in politics after running one of America's most crucial swing states for the past eight years.
I'm sorry Jeb but your idiotic involvement in the Schiavo debacle didn't help your chances. If Jeb is the bright one in the family the Bush gene pool deserves political if not total extinction. Judging from the behavior of George HW's grand children both seem to be a real possibility.

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