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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iraq, So Why The Delay

George W Bush has delayed his speech to announce his plan for a "new way forward" in Iraq until after the first of the year.
WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Tuesday put off until early next month announcing a new approach to the Iraq war, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Bush should take whatever time necessary to decide his next steps.

The White House initially indicated that Bush would deliver the speech before Christmas.
I suspect the "decider" has not decided because of infighting within the administration and the Republican party. There as multiple factions with their own agendas fighting over Bush's ear.

First we have Dick Cheney who's goals have never been anything but dreams of middle east black gold.

Then we have the true neocons who's agenda has always been a combination of Democratic evangelism and Israeli hegemony.

We have the Republicans who see polls that indicate Most Americans Believe U.S. Is Losing Iraq War and that the Public Trusts Iraq Study Group More Than Bush on Iraq and want Iraq to be a distant bad memory by the time 2008 rolls around.

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