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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Holiday Reminder

While it would be nice if everyone gave charitably all through the year, the Christmas / New Years season is a time when many people dig a little deeper to help those less fortunate. Today I would like to ask if some of you might take a moment to remember some others in need who operate on four feet instead of two. In your local area you will probably see requests such as this one in my town, to help out the animal shelters who do so much with so little to provide homes and care to our furry friends who get lost or fall victim to neglect or abuse. Helping people is great, and I encourage you to do so, but the cats and dogs need our help also. Even if you're not a pet owner yourself, there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to help the animals. Aside from cash, almost all shelters desperately need donations of some items which you can easily get and drop off. A list of these includes:

* *Gas cards (for their van)

* *Gravel/clay kitty litter

* *Kitten food -- dry and wet

* *Cat food -- dry and wet

* *Laundry detergent

* *40-50 gallon garbage bags

* Paper towels

* Postage stamps

* Dog and cat toys

* Dog collars and leashes

* Clean blankets and towels

* Litter pans

My wife goes the extra distance and uses her sewing machien to sew up small, soft cat toys which she stuffs with catnip. Anything to make the time pass a little more happily for the pets while they wait at the shelter for the chance at a new home and a new life. Lots of the items above can be picked up at a dollar store or your local Sam's Club type warehouse outlet for very little money. Please consider giving a little help this holiday season to those who have no voices with which to ask for themselves.

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