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Friday, December 22, 2006

2008 Presidential Hopefuls

John McCain will not be president. In fact anyone who has presidential aspirations has to change their tune on Iraq now. McCain won't do that and Hillary has started to make a move away from the dreadful neocon Marshall Wittmann but is she too late to shed her hawkish feathers?
KCCI Poll Shows Vilsack 3rd Among Democratic Hopefuls
KCCI released on Thursday the results of The Research 2000 Iowa Poll, which was conducted from Dec. 18-20.

The poll consisted of telephone interviews of 600 likely Iowa voters and has a margin of error of no more than plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Caucus Outlook
The poll asked Iowa Democrats which candidates they would vote for if the 2008 Democratic caucus were held today.

The top three candidates were Sen. John Edwards at 22 percent, Democratic U.S. Sen. Barrack Obama at 22 percent and Vilsack at 12 percent. U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York came in fourth at 10 percent.
Now the news here is not that Vilsac is third, Edwards is first or Obama is second; the news is Hillary is fourth. Just a couple of months ago Hillary was still in the war hawk camp. For the first time last week she said she regretted her yes vote on the Iraq war resolution. The Democrats, and in fact most of the country are way ahead of her on this.

Now McCain is in even worse shape, a recent poll showed Hillary beating him for the first time. It's both his hawkish attitude on Iraq and his pandering to the Radical Christian Taliban that have lost McCain the strength he once had among independent voters. George Bush himself may deliver the fatal blow to McCain's presidential hopes; Bush is going to give McCain what he has been asking for, additional troops, at a time when nobody really thinks that will improve the situation in Iraq.

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