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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Stars in Their Courses

The Stars in Their Courses

Sounds like new diplomatic and power relationships are being formed in the Gulf region, a new diplomacy whose arrangements illustrate the rapidly waning US influence, and credibility in anticipation of the US pullout, a diplomacy dominated by Iran.

Iranian influence is already strong from the Gulf to Lebanon, any new arrangement can't help but be dominated by Iran not only because of its wealth and size, but it is the only country in the region independant of American coercion.

Those countries not free of American coercion like Lebanon and Syria would probably welcome a new power center that isn't American or Israeli.

The recent crimes committed against the Lebanese by the US/Israel combine can't help but drive them into the arms of Iran. What can they expect to get out of America/Israel except more of the same? Iranian supported Hezbollah not only thwarted Israel and earned much popular admiration doing so but are now evolving into a mainstream political party and becoming part of the establishment.

The Iraqi government will now re-establish normal relations with Syria after a 24 year break, everybody, except the US, is invited to a weekend conference in Tehran to talk things over. Finally the Iraqi government is beginning to act independantly of the blundering Bush diplomacy and may be doing the first smart thing it's done to set the stage for its viability and long term survival.

Politics, like nature, abhors a vaccum. America's failure, disllusionment, loss of credibility, and looming departure is already creating a vacuum which will be filled by Iran.

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