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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Some Weekend Entertainment (?)

Well... hopefully at least a *little* entertaining.

As was previously noted, I haven't been around much for blogging of late, and that's because my pseudo-creative talent(?) has been channeled in another direction for a while now, in the form of amateur filmmaking. At Ron's invitation, even though this is completely not political in nature, I'd like to invite our readers to check out an amateur Halloween horror movie that we made for a contest hosted by some of the great folks at FXhome.com. (They produce an incredible line of home user software - and very affordable - that allows home movie makers to do special effects, professional level grading, colorization, etc.)

Clicking on the first link above will take you to our spot in their cinema where you can view "Basement Tails" from my production group, Send Sardines Please Productions. There's two different quality versions of the movie and a bloopers reel that we put together after production was complete. Just right click on any of the "Play" buttons for the three files and "save target as" to download the films. There's also some posters and still shots from the film you can click on for larger versions.

Don't expect anything professional. This was our first attempt at doing greenscreen special effects monsters and superimposing them on live action footage, so some of it's pretty cheesy. :-) But we had a great time making it. Hope you enjoy.

And now... back to the politics! Three days left. Get out the vote, people! GET OUT THE VOTE!

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