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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Republican Party Today

John Cole explains why he voted a straight Democratic ticket for the first time in his life.
We currently have a party in power that has rubber-stamped an authoritarian and arrogant administration, has codified torture, has spent us into huge debt, has rejected science in favor of the religious fanatacism du jour, thinks that chanting “Stay thecourse” is an actual strategy/plan, cares more about a brain-dead woman and a blastocyst than the living, and thinks the greatest peril to western society is gay marriage (of course, only when they aren’t flashing pictures of Osama every election cycle). I could go on and on (and have in the past), but you get the point.

“The Democrats are Worse” may have been a successful rallying cry for GOP faithful in years past, but the problem is that the Democrats actually have to be worse in order for that message to resonate. The current GOP and their enablers have made that impossible.

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