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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Positive signs for high voter turnout

I went to my polling place at 6:15 in the morning today. (I almost always do.) Even here in my sleepy little burg, there was a LINE of people waiting to vote before the sun even peeked over the hills. I saw a number of "Hillary!" (ugh) stickers, and "Down with Tyranny" stickers, so I think that bodes well for Upstate New York getting over their love affair with allegedly moderate Republicans and sweeping the bums out of office. While I live and vote in the 22nd, I'm right on the border of the 24th, and I'm hoping that the apparently high turnout of displeased citizens will carry over there and put Mike Arcuri (D-Oneida) into Sherry Boehlert's (R-NY 24th) old seat, where he's been perching like a Republcian vulture for most of my voting life. High turnout should be a good thing, and the indications around here look like it will be strong. Also, the weather was clear and unseasonably warm this morning, though rain is forecaset for late afternoon, so I'm hopeful.

As for me, I voted for more Libertarians than I ever have before. I flatly refused to vote for any Republicans in this election cycle, but I also didn't wish to cast a vote for Hillary "oh, the invasion of Iraq was still a fine idea" Clinton. In addition, I didn't even vote for my representative to the House. Ours is Maurice Hinchey (D-NY-22), and while I feel he has done an adequate job overall, I was actually somewhat disappointed that there was nobody else on the ballot from any party. I can understand the GOP not even bothering to field a candidate. This is a Dem stronghold in Upstate, and the voters here seem to feel that Angels fly out of Maurice's arse every time he bends over. He also wrangles home a lot of pork. But you'd think that at least the Libs or the Greens or the Working Families party would take the time to put somebody's name on the ballot, even if they didn't want to spend a dime campaigning for them. I like having choices, and having incumbents run unopposed, even if they happen to be solid performing Dems like Hinchey, is why we wind up sending the same crop of crooks and liars back to Washington year after year.

So if you havent' done so already, get your butts up away from the computer and get out there and vote, people. Remember... for the next two years there's one rule in effect: If you don't vote, don't bitch. You give up your right to complain if you can't be bothered to take part in the process.

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