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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lieberman goes for the bull

As anyone who reads the rantings on this virtual page knows I have little use for Joe Lieberman and even less use for Marshall Wittmann. Well now it's official, they are now joined at the ego.
Wittmann Chosen As Lieberman Communications Director
Marshall Wittmann, well-known Washington figure who's served John McCain, the Christian Coalition and the moderate Democratic Leadership Council, was named today as Sen. Joseph Lieberman's communications director.
Now Mr Wittmann has jumped around a bit in an attempt to keep his ego properly inflated. This from An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 — Senator Joseph I. Lieberman announced Tuesday that he had hired a new spokesman, which is not in itself that noteworthy, except that the said spokesman, Marshall Wittmann, is one of the great career vagabonds, ideological contortionists and political pontificators ever to inflict himself on a city full of them.

To say that Mr. Wittmann defies classification is like saying Paris Hilton defies modesty. But in his peripatetic soul, he is a Washington Original, a man without a political country going to work for a senator without a political party.
Like Mr Liebermann, Marshall Wittmann's most recent incarnation de jour has been as a supporter of the hegemonic ideology of the PNAC neocons. Something he as in common with his new boss, Joe Lieberman.

When you look back on Marshall Wittmann's career what you see is less an ideologue and more someone who is looking for the best venue to feed his own ego. Yes indeed, that does sound a bit like Joe Lieberman himself. Most recently Wittmann has made every attempt to inflame the base of the Democratic party with catchy phrases like nutroots, lefties, Deaniacs etc. After this same base recently did what Wittmann said they couldn't do, beat the Republicans, he took pleasure in his one victory, Lieberman, and retired from blogging. Well now the Lieberman party has two members. Is Lieberman going to make another run for President? He can't do it as a Democrat or a Republican but with Wittmann's help he can probably get the votes of all the neocons who haven't been institutionalized by 2008.

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