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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is Carville on Mary Matlin's payroll?

I discussed James Carville's attack on Howard Dean over the weekend and he's at it again.
Carville Says Dems Should Dump Dean over “Rumsfeldian” Incompetence
Democratic strategist James Carville says his party should dump Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic Party because of incompetence.

Carville, during coffee and rolls with political reporters today, said Democrats could have picked up as many as 50 House seats, instead of the nearly 30 they have so far.

The reason they didn’t, he said, is the Democratic National Committee did not spend some $6 million it could have put into so-called “third tier” House races against vulnerable Republicans.

Carville said the other Democratic campaign committees had borrowed to the hilt.

He said he tried to meet with Dean to argue for additional spending for Democrats in the final days of the campaign, but Dean declined and gave no reason why.

Asked by a reporter whether Dean should be dumped, Carville replied, “In a word, do I think? Yes.”
Carville seems to want to be a one man wrecking crew and it seems like he must be taking orders from his Republican wife. Carville and his DLC comrades brought the Democrats 12 years of loses and after a big win which Howard Dean was a big part of they want to give him the ax.

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