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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another wagon going over the cliff

One by one the rats are swimming away from the flotsam and jetsam floating on the oil slick marking where the HMS Bush went under the waves. In response to this somewhat disturbing article, top dog "mil-blogger" and Iraq war cheerleader Black Five comes out with an article titled, (... wait for it...) Bush is an Idiot.

I have spent plenty of time and effort defending the policies of the Bush administration, but I am done. I called for Rummy's retirement here, not for failure but because 6 years as a wartime Sec Def was plenty. Now we get this, the moonbats are right, Bush is an idiot.

Having profoundly screwed the pooch and ensured we will have to fight harder here than Baghdad to win the freakin' war, he surrenders to his new Democrat overlords and throws them Rummy's carcass to gnaw on. IDIOT!

I'm done, W is dead to me. I don't hold with most of the criticisms of W and Rummy, but this debacle cost our entire country and I no longer believe that Bush is capable of leading us, well me for sure. This administration has been nowhere near as incompetent as portrayed by the media and the left, but there have been too many screw ups and too little success. As always, I reserve the right to retract or revise my BS statements once I cool down. IDIOT!
Ouch! Be sure to click through and catch his other comments about Bush surrendering to his new Democratic overlords.

One tries not to gloat too much, but...

Oh, fuck it. We deserve a bit of gloating, at least until the Holidays when we get ready for said overlord to get sworn in. Then we can start watching THEM to see if they actually manage to govern in our best interests, or if we get more of the same with a different brand label.

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