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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2008 - Gordon Smith is a target

I started talking about the fact that Gordon Smith is Not a moderate but he plays one on TV and should be a target in 2008. Well today Jeff Kosseff at the Oregonian explains that the Democrats focus on Smith's Senate seat.
WASHINGTON -- Oregon Democrats have a lot to be happy about this week.

They will control both houses of the state Legislature, the governorship and almost every other statewide office.


Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., who is up for re-election in two years, is Oregon Democrats' top target. Tuesday's election results have energized Democrats to attempt and unseat Oregon's only statewide elected Republican.

"Oregon is bluer today than it has been in the last 20 years," said Jim Edmunson, chairman of the Oregon Democratic Party. "It's going to be difficult for Gordon Smith to win reelection unless there is a dramatic shift in the mood."

Edmunson said the Democratic Party nationally begun to focus more on the West, making Smith a target for the national party.

"We realize that Gordon Smith is the lone Republican U.S. senator on the West coast," Edmunson said. "He stands out."
Smith should be in trouble. The west is turning blue and he is the only right winger left in the Senate from the Left Coast. Ted Kulongoski's significant margin in the election last week should give Smith some pause. I would expect to see a shift in Smith's voting record in the next congress, he is after all a politician, but will it be enough?

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