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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hollywood Wingnuts

The dirty old man in me loves Patricia Heaton. She is attractive and one great comedic actress. We hear a lot about those dreaded Hollywood "lefties" but it turns out that Ms Heaton is a Hollywood wingnut.
Patricia Heaton: Not Everyone Loves Michael J. Fox
Patricia Heaton — who won an Emmy for her work on "Everyone Loves Raymond" — is taking sides in the stem-cell research debate.

She’s put herself on the opposite side of Michael J. Fox, the much-beloved actor who’s been battling Parkinson’s disease since 1991 and is a firm supporter of embryonic stem-cell research.

Heaton is now appearing in a commercial intended to persuade Missouri voters to vote against Amendment 2 on their ballot.

Fox, in his own commercial, urges voters to support the measure and Democrat Claire McCaskill, who is running for U.S. Senate against the incumbent, Jim Talent, a Republican who opposes embryonic stem-cell research.
Well I guess she is just a mindless pretty face. I'm crushed!

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